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Eco Unique tiles are 100% recycled material. Its multi usage can solve your flooring problems indoors and out. It is comfortable to walk on, even in bare feet in hot tempatures. Ideal for: Balconies, Patios, Garage Storerooms, Basement. Also wet ares such as saunas, pools, shower areas and utility rooms. Multifunctional Properties: Easy to lay: no fixings Adapts to the Surface Below: No need to smooth out any irregularities. Easy Draining, can withstand high point loads, maintenance free, allows the surface beneath to breath. Avaliable in 6 Colours. PRICE IS PER m2 PACK. 7 TILES IN PACK.

Dimensions: 377.2 x 377.2 mm
Thickness of tile: 10.3mm

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ECO Unique 100% Recycled Avaliable in 6 Colours

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